The Dos and Don'ts of Decorating with Metal Wall Art

Decorative metal signs are currently a home décor trend. Making sure you are using this home décor trend the right way will ensure you get the biggest impact from your decorative metal signs.

How Do They Make Those Signs?

Whether you buy right off the shelf or decide to have something custom-crafted, there is a good chance that the manufacturer will use water jet cutting. Water jet cutting can be used to cut out a single flat shape or a 2D image with multi-layers.

According to Metal Logos, this specialty equipment can cut metal as thin as .001 inches all the way up to a few inches thick. Your decorative metal wall art has likely been crafted using the water jet process.

The Things You Should Do

Before you hang your art, take a step back and grab the measuring tape and level. Follow the “measure twice hang once” rule. Use painters' tape to outline where you will hang your sign to get a visual.

You want to be sure that you are choosing a wall that can accommodate the size of your art. A piece that is too large on a small wall will add a focal point, but it can be overwhelming. The same is true with too small decorative metal signs on a very large-sized wall.

Do Mix It Up

Feel free to mix and match your wall art. If you have a large wall, use a few signs to create a gallery of metal signs. You can use a mixed media approach as well. Not everything on the wall has to be metal. You can add other art to the wall.

Do Use the Right Hangers

Be sure you choose hangers that can support the weight of the sign. The right hanging tools will ensure your art does not come crashing to the ground.

Here Is The Biggest Don't

It is important that you have variety but there is a balance. Overdoing it will leave your walls looking cluttered and you will not be able to really focus on the individual decorative metal signs. Keep it simple and cohesive. You do not want to overwhelm the viewer with cluttered walls.

Anyone can turn their home into a showstopper with decorative metal signs. Order yours today.